Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barnes and Noble book signing event

I was invited to join a special book signing for local authors at Barnes and Noble. They call it their Authorpallosa. I haven't been to a book signing for a month now. I have been focusing on getting my second book done, titled - The Alien Darkness -. I wasn't sure what to expect, I haven't gone to a book signing with other Authors yet and I was excited to just be part of the event. I went today and I was very happy to be there. There were 29 other Authors there and it was really fun to talk with them and hear about how they got started and what their books were about. I had my picture taken many times, met several people who did blogs about books and Authors who wanted to write about me and others who wanted to do reviews of my book. I actually had a couple of people who read about my book and came to the event to meet me. I thought that was really fun. I didn't sell very many books but I had a great time and may have some really great leads for a traditional publisher, or something. Time will tell if this event will help my book grow in popularity. I hope that it will.

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  1. yo paul i know heidi b. and so do you. thank you for sending my family your book! i enjoyed it so much! when is the next one coming out? i really can not wait!
    -a fan